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If you are a social media lover, there is an update! Get ready for the launch of a new social media app ‘Threads app’, which is just going to happen in a few hours. It is a product of Meta categorized as Instagram’s text-based conversation app which makes it similar to the use of Twitter Threads app

With his finger firmly on the pulse of social media, Zuckerberg is all set to disrupt the industry with his innovative vision to create an app like Twitter with the name Threads which is gaining hype since the news update on the launch of Threads on July 6. The news went viral within no time sparking excitement among social media enthusiasts while raising a big question if it would be Twitter Killer. 

This blog will take you through the overview of this application including its little available detail on features, unleashing the vision behind it with the anticipated answer to this question. 

Let’s begin then!

Mark Zuckerberg’s Strategic Move 

Though the launch of Threads could reflect multiple reasons from the common people’s perspective such as considering the craft of this new Twitter Threads-like app as a sign that the social media giant Meta is serious about competing with Twitter, the plan is to shake up the social media landscape by offering a more personal and intimate alternative to Twitter. Also, it could be a way for Meta to reach the younger audience which probably is not much active on Facebook and Instagram.

There is another interesting ideology for which this move by Zuckerberg is being considered as a strategy. If you are an ardent user of the Twitter Threads app or you keep social media updates, then you must be aware that Musk bought Twitter last year. Not just this, a couple of days back, he announced a few things about the use of Twitter, wherein he emphasized the paid accounts services and restricted the use for unpaid users to a view of 600 tweets a day and asked to switch to paid account services if they wish to access Twitter Threads app more. This whole scenario made a huge impact on the market, specifically among Twitter users as some accounts went closed temporarily giving them a shock. As earlier the tweets could be accessed via Google searches and unregistered Twitter accounts, now this thing is not possible.  

In such a mind-boggling state of Twitter, the announcement of the launch of Threads app will obviously seem like a planned and worthwhile move as after Twitter faced such backlash, people might easily switch to this new Twitter Threads-like app. Therefore, Threads app could be an attempt by Meta to steal users away from Twitter.

A Closer Look at Threads App

While waiting for the actual app Threads app to use and see the interface initially, for now, there is some limited description available about the app surrounding the whole media updates. First of all, the application is accessible via Instagram, the already widely running product of Meta. This app is currently available for pre-order in Apple’s App Store currently from where the screenshots of the product have been analyzed stating that the app seems more like Twitter and less like Instagram. It is described as ‘Instagram’s text-based conversation app… where communities come together there.

Users will be able to log into the Threads app using their Instagram account details. The images show that the application would offer similar Twitter Threads app-like functionality to share messages or information inclusive of options such as like, comment, repost, and share. Threads seem to allow users to share photos, videos, and text with their close friends and family. It also includes features that are designed to promote more personal and intimate communication. To raise the craze among social media enthusiasts, Meta even published an official website for the Threads app which at present reflects the timer showing to launch of the application. 

The Potential of Threads App as a Twitter Killer

Although there is not much information available about the application yet, there are many other factors backing the launch and possible growth of the new application like the Twitter Threads app. Some of the supportive factors are-

  • One key aspect that considers Threads app as a potential Twitter killer is Meta’s track record of innovation. As Meta has already demonstrated its ability to introduce groundbreaking features and functionalities across its platforms, the Threads app can be expected to offer a fresh and engaging experience to users, enticing them to switch from Threads.
  • Meta’s proficiency in augmented reality(AR) and virtual reality(VR) technologies widens the chances of possibilities for integrating immersive elements into the app, creating a more interactive and visually appealing user experience compared to Twitter.
  • The huge and active user base is another element that gives the Threads the potential to be a Twitter killer. Meta having millions of active users on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, has a built-in network of potential Threads users.
  • As mentioned Threads app is integrated with Instagram, which is a popular social media platform with a large user base. This could give the Threads app an advantage over Twitter, which is not integrated with any other major social media platforms.
  • The aforementioned points seem quite convincing in favor of the Threads app having an edge over Twitter as its creator holds a strong portfolio and expertise in digital cutting-edge technologies. Even the support of Instagram is raising expectations higher.


No wonder the modern age is of social media applications and upgrades with a newer launch every other day, but the Threads app in itself holds a huge responsibility to grow in this competitive world. The agenda is to surpass the already running application but the hype is because of the ongoing backlash that Twitter is facing that Threads app is being given the tag of ‘Twitter Killer’.


Where is ‘Threads’ available?

For now, the ‘Threads’ app is available in Apple’s App Store. It’s also available in the Google Play store but in some countries.

When will Threads be available? 

As per the updates from Meta the service is teased as “expected to launch on July 6”.

Can I use my Instagram username for Threads? 

Yes, the Threads app says you will be able to “keep your username” the same while even offering to connect with the people you already follow on Instagram. 

Is there any cheat code to install Threads?

Yes, type the word Thread or threads in the search query space of Instagram and get the ticket now.